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MSISA Property  Developments specializes in

Duplex Site acquisition and development
Small to Medium-scale townhouse site acquisition and development
Financial Feasibility
Project Consultancy
Managing Time
Managing Costs

About Us

MSISA property developments is a property development company with several successful property development projects under our belt, Sanders and his team (The MSISA Property Developments) are ideally placed to source sites for clients and consult on a property development project from start to finish and deliver 15-20% return on investments.

Our Team

Property Development involves different professionals, businesses, and government organizations. MSISA property developments have a strong group of professionals for each project so it is delivered on time and within budget.

We provide fixed turnkey property development services for our property investors. We maximize your return by reducing costs and time frames and increasing sales value by delivering modern developments for all property development projects. We take care of land acquisition, development documentation, and council applications, construction and construction finance, project marketing, sales, and settlement. We assess project risk, and negotiate the best purchase price and conditions. We promise outstanding stress-free settlement to enjoy the bests end sale prices.

Three Ways We Create Equity

Instant Equity

We identify property deals that generate $75,000 to $215,000 of instant equity. Building a property for less than its end valuation creates instant equity. We find and source instant equity deals for our clients and manage them through to completion.

Using -The 10x property system

We research and find the best property hot spots where future growth is evident. Using the positive cash-flow formula, and aiming to own 10 properties in 10 years, and be able to retire comfortably. We do the heavy lifting and position clients into these areas for set and forget strategy.

Natural market growth forces

We identify long term market forces that can see your property eventually double or triple in value. We make sure our clients are in markets where the population, infrastructure and employment are all set to push prices higher to realise the long term capital growth.

What We Do

We focus on small to medium-sized developments ranging from duplexes, and triplexes to townhouses. Our projects are within major business precincts, close to railway stations, or in high infrastructure projects areas. Our developments are predominately aimed at downsizers or owner-occupiers.

Who Do We Work With

  • Investors that want to invest but have no time to manage projects, even if they have the expertise.
  • Very busy professionals who want a ROI for their money while they focus on their jobs and family.
  • Investors who want to grow or add to their property portfolio using developments as their strategy.
  • Investors who want cashflow positive assets to retain when their projects are finished.


Our Mission

We make the site acquisition and the property development process achievable for our investors, without them being actively involved in the whole process. The strategy, process and systems that we have developed and implemented separate us from the rest. Our service is designed to make the property acquisition and development process simple, fun and rewarding for the investor.

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Unit 217 14 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, NSW 2153

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