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MSISA property developments is a property development company with several successful property development projects under our belt, Sanders and his team (The MSISA Property Developments) are ideally placed to source sites for clients and consult on a property development project from start to finish and deliver 15-20% return on investments.

A background in site acquisitions and property developments with MSISA property and developments on numerous projects throughout NSW, QLD, and TASMANIA with the best teams of professionals gives Sanders, the experience, skills, and knowledge to source the best development sites for our clients with the highest returns.

Site acquisition, due diligence, and financial feasibility, property development lending options, negotiation processes, development approval, construction approval, tender process, social media project marketing, can be your ‘secret weapon’ to secure and consult on your next development in the areas with outstanding capital growth potential and highest returns on your investment in the real estate sector. MSISA Property Developments works with its clients using, The 10x Property System, (A book has been written and available on the system), ’ to grow their wealth, a ‘keep some-sell some’ model to grow their real estate portfolio, generate positive cash flow, and recycle their investment capital.

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Unit 217 14 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, NSW 2153

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