A major benefit of growing your portfolio through property development is that you get all the stock at wholesale price and not a retail price. You do not wait for the market to move and start making a profit by investing in the right property development project. The 10x property system continuously helps you to ‘keep some-sell some’ to build your real estate empire or ‘develop and sell’ and start to invest in more than one project at a time to build your equity using our skilled property development team.

You can rely on MSISA Property development’s extensive industry knowledge to help you navigate the challenges of sourcing and managing the entire development process and achieving wealth through property development.

Site Identification & Acquisition

The first major step in a property development process involves understanding Local town Planning, Financial Feasibility, and Negotiation.

We work with seasoned professionals with proven track records of success e.g., architects, town planners, or land surveyors, and builders. Our established understanding and relationships with them allow us to efficiently complete our due diligence to successfully acquire the development site for you as soon as possible.

Financial Feasibility

This is about the numbers to make sure the project is viable. We select sites with the most development opportunities and the highest return from all the available options, given your financial status. This also involves calculating the best return on investment for our investors.

The profitability of the site will be determined by the number of dwellings we can build versus the site purchase costs. We can obtain all data within a short timeframe so as to beat the competition to secure the site fast for our clients.


MSISA property developments is constantly looking for development sites. We work closely with real estate agents and also engage directly with potential sellers. Our negotiation skills are paramount in this process. Some of our development sites are off-market which means we can negotiate with vendors for a better price.

Project Consultancy

MSISA property developments, identify the development processes for your particular project with the highest return through consultation with a select group of real estate agents, builders, architects, town planners, and engineers.

The team of professionals will best analyse and decide what to construct to turn the site into a successful project, It is a hassle-free process for our busy professionals.

Managing Time

MSISA property developments, only work with professionals who deliver quality services on time. We keep them accountable.

We work to your budget and timeframes to deliver the best outcome.

Managing Costs

We conduct several investigations and professional reports for the construction tender to include more fixed-price items in the building contract to reduce your variation risk. We only use fixed term building contracts.

Property Development Services Includes

  • Sourcing development sites for developers in NSW, Australia
  • Negotiation of best price and conditions
  • Identifying development strategy with maximum ROI
  • Development site due diligence and investigation
  • Providing construction cost appraisal
  • Providing sales appraisal
  • Managing marketing campaigns and sales
  • Providing financial feasibility study with total development cost, Gross realization value, and project returns
  • Introducing our partner’s mortgage broker, financial adviser, and accountant for financial advice
  • Managing the Development approval process with the council
  • Managing the construction tender
  • Overseeing the construction process and negotiating variations

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